Chauvet Professional interviews Myles Mangino

Chauvet Professional interviews Myles Mangino

Observe the world around you in detail, put what you see through the surreal liberating freedom of a dream, and you will be left with something true to the inspiration that drives your vision. For more than three decades, this New York based designer has followed this transcendent path to create a seemingly endless wellspring of original and engaging shows for a range of bands.

Like his friends and longtime clients, The Pixies, Mangino defies convention and fearlessly sets his creative sights on new horizons. After 34 years, his lightshows for the groundbreaking band have never come close to repeating themselves. His originality is not new merely for the sake of being different either. With each successive design, he reflects a different facet of the band and its music, one that is always more in the moment than its predecessor.

Through all the changes, it is always the band and its music that remain at the center of his creations, as his lighting follows each note, zooming up or down in harmony with every guitar chord or drum beat. He tells us that he likes to endow his designs with a cinematic quality. If his designs are indeed like films, they are ones we want to watch again and again, knowing that each showing will reveal something new.

Speaking to us from his Highlt Previs & Production Design Studio in Manhattan, he shared his insights into the imaginative power of light and how he is dealing with the pandemic.


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